Hi everybody.

My Name is Miroslav Milicevic. Some know me as Canneloni. Some as Clown Zombie. But what i am is a pationate Paintballplayer and since over a year now i am also organising specialised magfed / scenario paintball events.

One of them is OUTBREAK – a 1 day 1 Team playing Story Rpg Zombie survival magfed event in Germany. More infos see in the Page.

The next is SURVIVE – which will start this autm – is a 2 days 2 playing teams zombie survival event in Poland (on the famous gsf nord site)

Also we hope to start again the Knights of Honor, a scenario based Magfedevent on the military island Mrcara in croatia. We work here with the famous Adriatic Airsoft Adventures together to provide you a one if a kind expirience.

And last but not least atm – is the Operation Charly – located in Bosnia, near Sarajevo on the Igman in an old Hotelruin. This thing is a wet dream of a Cqb fanboy, so check it out. It´s right now organised and first time but we will for shure make it also a yearly event. Good food, good fights and awsome evenings….

I am a player and i am pationate and i  hope that this reflects in my events. Seen us!

Donations // Spenden

Hi i am Miroslav M. and i am organising the OUTBREAK and the SURVIVE Zombie rpg magfedevents. If you wanna help me out with some money so i can easyer buy new stuff for the events, just do it :) Paypal: info@woodland-events.de

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Unique events is written down on my flag. I hope that my events are one of a kind in fun, thrill and action as a package.

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You would like to see one of our Events on your site, contact us and i will see what is possible.



You wanna support us? Nothing easier than that! I don´t believe in advertising and in struggeling users into it, so i only relay on sponsorings. You can support me holding this page and making new features and stuff comming with a yearly sponsoring.

What you got for that? A nice directlink to your wished page with the wished logo in the Bottom so it´s visible on every page (in carusel) and saving a total free service with no ads for the sake of the players out there.