SURVIVE is the sequel event of OUTBREAK.

In OUTBREAK, the crazy guys at tri dent corp. developed a zombie virus and they thought they can control it, but…
We all know that did not work well and the world ended.

You are basically 2 survivor groups in a Zombie-world. You don’t have to fight each other, there are plenty of zombies who wanna kill you but can you reach your goals with the other survivals alive?

2 Teams, 2 Days, storybased and scripted missions. Cars, bangs, smokes, zombies, a hell lots of fun and much more.

Save the date: 14th and 15th of October, 2017!

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Introduction briefing team “Survivors”:

It’s hot. You drive as slowly as possible, to save gas. You see several Zs straying the forests… You are on the move for a week now, after your old camp was overrun by zombies.

But suddenly, the engine begins to stutter…

You have to stop. Just in front of an old train station, where a few biters are lurking around. You leave your car, your guns levelled. Ready to waste any approaching Z, and there are already a few.

You know about an old missile silo you could use as shelter for a while, but that means a fair walk through the forests. And Zombies. And whatever else is waiting in the forest…

Introduction briefing team “Boodwurry”:

It’s hot… you are stocked on supplies, your camp is fortified, it’s almost boring.
The biters are ranging the woods, they will igonire you as long as you’re quiet. Sometimes, when you’re bored, you attract some of them to lift your spirits.
But what’s that!? You hear gunfire in the distance. And zombies can’t shoot!


Hastily, you knock together a strike force and sound out the situation. Seems like the peace in the forest is broken. People always mean trouble…
Slowly and carefully, you march out from your camp, towards the sound of the gunfire…

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