What is the Knights of Honor Hardcore Magfed Scenario Game ?

The Knights of Honor is one of the hardest Magfed Scenario Games in 2017 and it will be in Croatia on a old Military Island. Max. 100 Players. Amazing views and landscapes, the heat, bunkers, attackboats, Medics, Special effects, electric flags, Radio guided and Story based missions, are you prepared for this? Organised by woodlandevents and with professional help of the Adriatic Airsoft crew.


  • The game will be Held on the Island Mrcara 5 years after the CtD3. The Island is located in the south dalmacia part of croatias coast. On the Island are normaly the Pathfinder Airsoft games which are known worldwide.
  • 2 fractions a max 50 Players are fighting against each other in a realistic Scenario on 2 days. The merciless Cabanic Castra-Cartel invaded this Island and used it from years as base of operations for their criminal activities. The helpless goverment asked the Special unit Black Wolves to solve this Problem and get the Island back into their Hands.

Date of Play:

  • Arrival 14.06.2018
  • Playing Days: 15/16.06.2018
  • Departure: 17.06.2018

You have to arrive in Split at 9 in the morning. If you come with a car you can let it for a smal fee in a watched Garage. At 11 the Ferry is going to the first Island Lastovo. From there we get over with smal boats to the Island Mrcara. Then we will have a meet and greed. Meal included.

On friday will be the match and on saturday the re-match with reversed roles. On saturday after the game there will be Music. Evening Meal is included also drinking water on all days.

Departure is on Sunday in the morning from Mrcara, the Ferry on Lastovo is starting at 10:30

What´s the Price?

  • Basicly the Island is a Robinson Touristic island so don´t expect a lot of comfort. Tents, Open Building to sleep, Army Showers, Field Toilets (showers for the Ladies) but you get attackboats, drinking water, meals, awsome Games, the afterparty.
  • Ticket: 230 €

Tickets available: 10.01.2018 – 30.04.2018

What you get in Detail:
When you arrive by your own with your car, you can use a watched Garage (10 € per day), from there on we get you over with a Ferry to lastovo and from there on with smal boats to mrcara. There you can build up your tent or sleep in the old army Building (no Windows). You get every day a evening meal included. Drinking Water is for all days included. You got Light at the Safezone around, also posibility to Charge your stuff, 6 field toilets, same amount on fieldshowers, for the Girls we have a extra hut with a shower and toilet.
Awsome Games with attackboats, bunkers, Story driven campaign, great landscapes, a smal afterparty and the departure back to Split. The Scenarios are Special designed on the Location, the captains will be in contact with the HQ command with Radios, we have a medicsystem in the games, we Play, search&destroy, search&rescue, search&hold, capture the bunker/target etc. And one awsome Patch from your Faction! (One by Patch-Werk, one by PVC-Patch)

3x Evening Meals included. Drinking water also.
- Breakfast: 5€/Person (Salami, Cheese, Coffee o. Tee o. Juice) *you pay directly on site
- Lunch: 10€/Person(Grilled from Chicken, čevapčići, Sausage with suff, Fish) *you pay direclty on site

We got a compressor on the Island and also refill stations on the Island stationed around.

We organised 2 real Medics if needed on the Island.

Loanguns (50€): 4x TMC with 4 Mags + Chestrig

2x GSL loader for tournament marker (for Free Testing)

Paintsort is not final yet but will be suitable for Magfed. 55 € per Chest. (You can bring your own Paint)
First strike: only preorder
(end 30.04.2018)

We have loanguns 4x TMC with 4 MAgs + Tactical West + HP Bottle

Between 40-69 Player we have 1 attackboat, when we hit 70+ Players 2 attackboats on both days.

Don´t Forget your camelbags!

If you have more Questions you can directly ask me Canneloni or send me an email on info@woodland-events.de

You can either buy the ticket (230 €) or just safe your ticket by a diposit of 100 €. The rest (130 €) you pay then on Mrcara when you arrive on the play island.

Minimum: 40 player
Maximum: 100 Player


Donations // Spenden

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