Operation Charly

1. General Informations about the Event. Missions will be published in October.

2. Informations about the Hotel where we will sleep all together.

3. Informations about the Booking process.

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5. Additional Informations.

Operation Charly, Magfed Scenario Event located in BiH near Sarajevo on Mount Igman

This is a magfed only event and Tickets, First Strike and Paint will be Preorder only.

Operation Charly is set up by woodlandevents.eu aka Canneloni and will be a 3 day CQB expirience in Bosnia wraped in exiting missions, on the mount igman near sarajevo in an old abandoned Hotel. I work always with locals also in this case i work with the normal field owner and organiser of this hotel-play-site.

Short date summary:

Friday 10: Check in day for the Event at the Hotel Bjelasnica, get your Paint, get all your informations, check out the site etc.

Saturday 11: First day scenario. Team A is defending the Hotel through various Missions in their role as Terrorists. Team B is trying to secure the Hotel and clean it out. No night games!

Sunday 12: Rematch, Terrorist team is now CS and otherwise.

Monday 13: for all 3 day Ticket buyer

Event FPS is 280 FPS. HP on site, Water/Food on site, Medics on site, Police informed.

NO Electricity on site so make shure to load up your stuff in the Hotel.

The Paintball Magazine will make the Media coverage with Photos.

You will either drive with your Car to the Hotel Bjelasnica (4*) where we meet up on Friday, or you fly with the Airplane to Sarajevo, our Transfer from Airport will take you to the Hotel. If you fly to Tuzla give us a hint and we will organise some. On Friday you will get your Paint, First Stirke, alle Informations etc. Then we have a evening all together, get some talks, clear up all questions for the next 2 days. On Saturday we will drive you from the Hotel to the playing site where you can fill up your Air, set yourself up. You will be chroned before playing, we play with 280 fps and you are just allowed to play with the Paint/FS whith which you chroned. (example. You chrono with First strike, you play only FS untill you re-chrono on Paint with this weapon). There will be chrono checks in field. We have set up HP on site. Food and Water for drink to buy will be on field. Also medics. We will play an attacker/defender scenario with Terrorist who took the Hotel hostage with also some civilians inside. Over the day the attackers will try through various missions to overcome the terrorists over different areas of the hotel so we play all of it. Over the day you will expirience hostage rescue missions, bomb plant/defuse missions, simple kill missions and more. Only the attacking team can make points. After we finish the first day (no nightgames, due to security reasons) and you clean yourself up, we bring you back to the Hotel, we meet up, talk about the day, have a good time. On Sunday then we change the teams, the defenders (terrorists) of saturday become the special units and we replay the missions. After a long day on Sunday we will have a evening together in the hotel, announce the winners etc.
On monday, depending on the playernumbers we will play the whole day on the Hotel different missions based on the numbers as long you can (or the night come). On Sunday/Monday we will then transfer you back to the airport.

You will get with your ticket also an invitation paper for the customs on the border in Bosnia and Croatia which you have to take with you. Also please transport your marker like always dissasambled and be aware of the Rules of Bosnia.

There will be Eventpatches, a part of the revenue of the FS and Paint will be donated to local institutions.

Hotel Bjelasnica (Sleeping Hotel)

Hotel Bjelašnica is set in 900 m from the Bjelašnica ski lift in Babin Do, 20 km from Sarajevo and 23 km from Jahorina. The hotel has a barbecue, terrace and sun terrace, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant.

Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV. Certain units feature a seating area for your convenience. For your comfort, you will find free toiletries and a hair dryer. Hotel Bjelašnica features free WiFi .

Ski equipment hire and bike hire are available at this hotel and the area is popular for skiing.

You can play table tennis and billiards at this hotel, and the area is popular for canoeing and hiking. Ilidža is 13 km from Hotel Bjelašnica, while Breza is 14 km from the property. The nearest airport is Sarajevo Airport, 21 km from the property.

Couples particularly like the location — they rated it 8.1 for a two-person trip.

We speak your language!

Hotel Bjelašnica has been welcoming Booking.com guests since 9 Jul 2015.


Babin do bb, 71220 Bjelašnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our Dealprice for 3 days sleeping (2 day playing): 80 €
If you Play 3 days sleeping is 105 €

Booking process:

If you already have your ticket please send either you booked 2 days or 3 days the money over paypal. Please Tell us the Ticketnumber and your Name in the paying msg.

2 days playing, 3 days sleeeping:

3 days playing, 4 days sleeping:


If you don´t have your ticket until now and you wanna book your ticket here are all the infos you need how to. Just use the links below for paying your ticket with paypal. If you don´t have paypal and wanna use your bank account please contact me through email info@woodland-events.de

After booking your ticket, please book afterwars the Hotel over paypal and don´t forget to preorder your First Strike and/or Paint. Links below.

Please write your Name, your country and a valid email in the MSG.

1. Event:
2 days playing


3 days playing


Loangun Tippmann TMC with 4 Mags, no FS ready:


2. Hotel:
2 days playing, 3 days sleeeping:

3 days playing, 4 days sleeping:


3. Paint/First Strike:

First Strike Preorder (over Magfedpb): https://www.magfedpbuk.com/product/first-strike-paintballs-250-count-box


no link right now, will be available in September.


Ticket 2 days: (Name, from which Country your come, a valid email, Op-Charly)


Ticket 3 days: (Name, from which Country your come, a valid email, Op-Charly)


Ticket upgrade from 2 to 3 days:


Hotel: (Your Name)


First Strike Preorder (over Magfedpb): https://www.magfedpbuk.com/product/first-strike-paintballs-250-count-box


no link right now, will be available in September.


All informations




Additional Infos:
The Hotel is offering additional tours through cities and places.
If you are interested in even more, just contact us, we can provide more informations about touristic stuff in the area etc.

The Hotel today: Drone Footage



The Hotel today and in the past – a comparison:



Google Maps link:


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